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About Us


My name is Kirra and I am the founder of Colors of the Earth. This has been an idea of mine since I was about 13 years old, as I grew bigger and older so did my idea! This store is a combination of my love for beautiful, unique things, traveling, culture, and anthropology.

Since the world is becoming so interconnected with technology, I have found it increasingly important to keep a relationship with the things I buy. Not only do I want other people to experience the beauty of art from around the world but I also want people to feel connected elsewhere and put a face to what they are buying. It is just as important to share the stories of the artists as it is to buy their products to support them. 

I currently live in Uganda with my three dogs, Pablo (pictured below), Honey, and Abuela. 

Uganda manager, Arnold, wearing the swirl bucket hat

This is Arnold! He is our Uganda manager and is a vital part of our team helping the owner, Kirra, navigate our bucket hat and fanny pack production. He is the middle son of Mama Flo, who runs the women's empowerment group we work with in Eastern Uganda.

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