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Shipping & Returns

Shipping Policy

We ship internationally, shipping cost is separate from product costs. Shipping will be based on weight and size of the box and the location of the shipping destination. 

Shipping will be done on a bi-monthly basis, if you want a package sent sooner, there will be an extra cost.

National shipping will be done with the U.S. Postal Service, international shipping will be done with DHL.

Packaging is eco-friendly, boxes are either reused or made out of recycled materials.

Return & Exchange Policy

There will be no refunds of goods.

If you change your mind on a product you ordered, you can contact us about any specific queries. 

If anything is returned with any sort of damage, there will be no refund.

There may be an exchange if clothing does not fit as desired but if there is any damage to said clothing, there will be no exchange.

There may be an exchange of certain bags and masks which differ in design because they are handmade.

Contact Us For Anymore Information!

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